is one of the most popular IP address, it’s used to login to the admin panel of an internet router. This is a router configuration IP address to set up a router by entering username and password in the web interface or any browser. Admin Panel use to access network router configuration settings, that’s called the admin panel of the router.

Mostly it’s used to manage security options, network management, DNS, Proxy, WAN, LAN, WLAN, DSL, ADSL, MAC, and WPS setting.

For example, if you want to change your WiFi name or password then you need to enter IP address in the browser window and log in to the router with username and password and then change your wireless internet settings.

Login to Network Router

If you want to login to your network router to change configuration and network settings, then please follow below easy steps.

  1.  Click this link or enter in the address bar of the internet browser. If you are getting an error then you need to find your router IP address to access your router admin panel.
  2. One window will popup there enter your router username and password. Most of the cases username and password are Admin, but sometimes it’s different. You can see the backside of your router it’s written there.
  3. Once you are login then you can modify your internet settings in the router’s admin panel.

Default Routers Username and Password List

To login to your routers admin panel you need username and password, below you can find your routers default username and password.

Note: If your login IP address doesn’t load then try to enter, or

Router BrandLogin IPUsernamePasword
US Roboticshttp://
Digicomhttp:// / michelangelo